Products & Services


Hawsons Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is well equipped with engineering software for the prepara-tion of Mechanical design of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Storage tanks, Spheres, Col-umns, Nozzle design, Internal and external pressure, Wind and seismic load design, Process and thermal design of Heat exchangers and Air coolers, Process internal equipment design, Piping stress analysis of Piping systems, Microsoft Project for the project planning and Structural and support design. The company will be upgraded to the latest design techniques and will also pro-vide any other design using own in-house technology or support from other reputed concerns as and when need arises.

Hawsons Technologies Sdn. Bhd. undertakes the fabrication & Construction of Pressure Ves-sels, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks, Loading Arms, Heavy Structures catering for the Oil & Gas Industries, Petrochemical & Chemical Industries, Food Industries, Power Plants etc.

The company is well supported from the leading engineering design companies and fabrication companies from India & Singapore.

Hawsons Technologies Sdn. Bhd. will be providing the fabrication and construction techniques of heavy thick walled Process equipment for offshore platforms, welding procedures and speci-fication of special materials, assisting in preparation of new WPS/PQR, Inspection & expediting services, Preparation of costing and Project schedules of plants, supply of professional skilled manpower for any services.


Hawsons Technologies Sdn. Bhd. is well equipped to source special materials like Valves, Ex-pansion Bellows, Clad plates and dish heads, Process Internals from USA, Japan, Korea, UK, Germany, Canada, India, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia for the construction and commissioning of Oil & Gas Industries and Petrochemical Industries.